Construction Law

Construction Law & Defect Litigation

We represent developers, architects, general contractors, and subcontractors in construction defect cases and advise them in their on-going operations, including drafting and reviewing contracts and providing advice on matters relating to employment issues, contract interpretation, risk management and pre-litigation action. Our clients are in both the residential and commercial construction areas and range from solo general contractors, construction managers and subcontractors to large residential community developers.  

Our attorneys have been involved in a broad range of matters both from the standpoint of providing the transactional work and consulting to litigation of cases in such diverse areas as soil and subsidence, pollution and contamination, improper staking and layout, deficient or defective construction, explosions, fire, delay claims, mechanic liens, banking and loan funding issues, improper assignment of contracts and accounts payable, insurance coverage and disputes, enforcing defense and indemnity obligations, construction site accidents and personal injuries.

Even prior to litigation, we work with our clients to ascertain the best course of action to investigate potential claims. This includes retaining the proper experts and evaluating the insurance coverage involved with a particular project and evaluating the defense and indemnity obligations that are in the relevant contracts. Once litigation commences, we have experience with many of the recognized Special Masters and Discovery Referees to assist in the economic coordination and administration of the dispute to determine what the problem is, who is responsible for the problem, what will it take to repair the problem, how much will it cost to repair the problem, and who will pay to repair the problem.

Areas of Focus

  • Prime Contract and Subcontract drafting and review
  • Counseling on risk management
  • Assessment of employment issues
  • Review and opine on insurance coverage and indemnity obligations
  • Evaluation of early dispute resolution options and pre-litigation strategy
  • Representation in all forms of contract and tort litigation
  • Monitoring insurance defense counsel
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